I made it onto the nation’s airwaves the other day.

I had some things to say that needed saying. In my moment of glory I glossed over coronavirus and the size of Chris Witty’s collar, avoided mention of the Oprah interview and went straight for the jugular. Talked about the…

Navigating the modern world with a brick phone throws up some existential quandaries

Photos courtesy of the author.

The last email I ever read on a phone was from Papa John’s Pizza Delivery in July 2011.

It was the middle of a long hot summer and as I gazed into the sad space between me and my loneliness, a beep from my Blackberry Bold 9700 pierced the haze…

If somebody invited you to something you weren’t going to be around for, it would make sense to decline the invitation. A bit foolish to make plans you wouldn’t be there to partake in. A good definition of depression is the idea of there being no future. …

Domingo Cullen

shooting from the hip aiming for the heart www.dropthebeatonit.com

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